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I was born in France to English-speaking parents, and I have lived in France, England and Canada, and did part of my schooling in each of these countries. As a result, I have equal mastery of both English and French, and I’m familiar with both cultures. I can therefore deliver high quality translations in both directions.


With 13 years of experience as a software developer in a French IT company, I can offer technical IT-related translations. IT is my first and foremost area of specialty. My other specialization is marketing: ads, brochures, web sites, slogans, etc. I have a lot of experience in marketing translations and I can offer high quality translation, transcreation or copy-writing.

Professional experience


Membre de la SFT

I have been a registered freelancer since 2013 (under “autoentrepreneur” status), and I’m a member of the SFT (la Société Française des Traducteurs). You can count on me for a serious, professional, high-quality service.

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